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Will Covid-19 Delay Or Increase The Legalization Of Cannabis?

In several states around the USA and the world have declared that dispensaries are essential services, while others say that only medical dispensaries can remain open.

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated the world and has caused state officials to make some interesting decisions regarding marijuana dispensaries. California has said that cannabis is an “essential item or service” and that dispensaries can remain open. In Massachusetts, Governor Baker said that medical marijuana dispensaries could remain open as essentials, but all recreational sales must stop, and recreational dispensaries should only close.

Selling alcoholic beverages is okay for adults over 21, Cannabis sales are prohibited unless you have a medical card. Could that decision have been reduced to liquor and alcohol unions versus cannabis unions?

Will the coronavirus epidemic slow down the state and possible future federal legalization in a year or two as the world solves these most pressing problems?

 Most people feel that legalizing marijuana is a minor league problem or issue since 38 states already have at least one medical marijuana program. Most minor problems will be delayed by up to a year or two as the country prepares for the coronavirus spikes and the next recession the US is facing. The USA After the coronavirus peak.

Billion-dollar financing laws are being discussed to keep the world out of not only a recession but also depression. In this sense, the world is absolutely right; the economic pressure and the life or death health decision will take precedence over the legalization of marijuana. While medicinal cannabis helps millions with a variety of conditions, it is not considered essential in the fight against the virus. States that have allowed clinics to remain open are doing so to help people manage OTHER medical conditions, in addition to the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic.

While the pandemic will delay legalization, the recovery may actually fuel legalization for the United States. How can the pandemic at one point postpone all non-core business, like the impeachment of Trump and cannabis, and at another, help legalize the plant?

Cannabis legalization could be part of rebuilding world economies is beneficial to people and politicians.…